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Going Retro in the Home

Retro is back! You can see it in the cars, the fashion and even in the music today. Throw back styles and fads are making their way back around and no where is this more evident than in the home. Retro chic furniture and decor is becoming more and more popular and many pieces come with an updated or modern twist. Check out these quick and easy ways to add a little retro into your living space.

Dine in retro style. The kitchen is one of the easiest places to get retro. There are a variety of dining set ups that can bring you right back to the good old days. For example, adding a pair of funky red patent leather bar stools to a counter can give it an instant retro facelift. There are also retro styled tables that beckon days gone by. Add to the table set some funky place settings and retro accoutrements and you've got yourself a retro kitchen. Aside from dining, you can add little retro touches to the kitchen such as a retro trashcan, wall art or lighting. All of these simple changes will transform your kitchen into a retro haven.

Living retro in the living room. Another great space to make retro is the living room. There are incredible selections of retro and modern style sofas that give you the period look. Such pieces as brown leather sofas with squared arms or modular armchairs with smooth corners will transform your living room into a stylish retro den. There are even updated TV stands to house the new flat screen TVs while maintaining a sleek retro look. Going retro in the living room has never been easier.

Retro decorative touches. If big ticket purchases are not in your budget, it is easy to add smaller decorative touches to get the retro look you crave. Some of these touches can even be do-it-yourself projects that you can be proud to display in your home. For example, go to the local record store and buy some old albums, find frames to fit the covers and you have instant retro wall art. Grouped together or alone, album covers are a great way to show your taste in music and in retro! Another simple touch is switching some electronics to retro style alternatives. There are a multitude of retro styled clocks, radios, lights and lamps and phones. Changing these few pieces can change the feel of your home to be totally retro and fun.

Light it up retro. One of the major impact areas for going retro in the home is in your lighting. Switching out traditional lighting fixtures for funky retro lighting can change the entire look and feel of a room. There are so many colorful lighting options to get the retro look from track lighting to lamps to chandeliers. It's easy to get just the look you are going for. There are also great novelty lighting choices that can show your humor and your style at the same time.

With retro back big time, it is easy to change a few little things in the home and get just the retro look you want. There are options for every room and for every budget to add some flair and style to your living space.
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